Children of Fear

Session 15

Fumble in the Rumble

Lured in by the red-skinned beauties, Marta, Albert and Tex enjoy a delicious feast in the darkening woods. And with Hans and Barnes watching them from the bushes they feel increasingly relaxed and at ease with the incense-wafting sirens. Only Tenzin with his usual mysterious insight seems to resist the enticement and is just about to pull his companions with him when the leader of the demonic ladies shows her true colours – sprouting wings and and fangs, growing to superhuman size and demanding the group to stay. And with the glamour broken, the feasting adventurers have to realize that what they’ve been consuming are gruesome bits of another chilling charnel ground.

Seeing this, Barnes and Hans are overcome with a mad heroic fervour, threatening the demonic creatures with guns. And a wild skirmish ensues. The Dakini employing their magical tricks of invisibility, flight, superhuman strength and leathery thick protective skin soon turn the clearing into true pandemonium. Bullets, claws and magic slashing spells are flung between the combatants! An awful lot of running, screaming and screeching occurs. While Barnes manages to blow one of the Dakinis away, all the injured Tex accomplishes is jamming his gun in the heat of battle.
To everyone’s horror one of the demonic beasts pounces onto Albert, mauling him mortally. But between Barnes blasting creatures out of the sky the rest of the group manages to flee off the clearing and drag Albert with them. The remaining fiend does not follow them, apparently unable to leave its place of power.
Once the chaos subsides Tenzin springs into action to patch up Albert’s horrendous wounds. With him barely clinging on to life, the Chinese academic’s days of adventuring are over. Carefully the group transports him back to Derge where Albert finds rest and care in the monastery’s house of healing.

Tenzin uses the opportunity to finally prepare his reabus. With Tex in tow he collects a variety of unappetizing bodily “essences” and mixed meats from a local butcher. While the revolting meat patties sizzle over a flame over night, the adventurers get a chance to sit together and study the freshly printed ritual scroll. Since it is written in the ancient Bon, only Tenzin is able to comprehend the ritual text, but he promises to translate the text on the road, so others would be able to perform the rites if necessary.
And so the investigators decide to use one more mystical charge of the khaṭvāṅga to shorten the upcoming travel to the Valley of the White Apes.